New York Vein & Laser Surgery
John Zarcone, MD, PC
state-of-the-art varicose vein & spider vein treatment
Dr. Zarcone is a member of the Society for Cardiovascular
Surgery, Medical Society of the State of New York and the
Richmond County Medical Society. The
New York Vein &
Laser Surgery Vascular Laboratory
has developed
comprehensive protocols and forms to record and report
patient findings.  In most cases the focus is on the superficial
and deep veins of the lower extremity.  This quantitative
information is used to plan therapy and to assess the success
of surgical intervention.  The testing is rapid, painless and
requires no special preparation.  In addition to lower extremity
veins the laboratory can assess upper extremity veins.  The
laboratory also has developed a screening program for
coronary artery disease, stroke and abdominal aortic

If you or your physician has any questions regarding the
York Vein & Laser Surgery Vascular Laboratory
please let
us know.  

Appointments can be made during working hours by calling
718-227-VEIN (8346) or by accessing our scheduling page
on this website.
The modern vein center relies heavily on its Vascular
to identify venous disease, measure its severity,
plan therapy and follow the course of surgical or nonsurgical
New York Vein & Laser Surgery has one of the
most comprehensive and experienced vascular laboratories in
the region. We are conveniently located at
4634 Amboy Road
between Richmond and Arden Avenues and offer the
handiness of two ample sized parking lots.  

A warm, colorful and inviting reception and waiting area invite
you as you await your appointment.  The heart of the facility is
its state-of-the-art examining and treatment area. Here
York Vein & Laser Surgery
has spared no expense in
providing our patients with the most technically advanced
instrumentation available anywhere.  All studies are painless
and noninvasive.  Imaging of veins and other vessels is
accomplished by ultrasound.  

Needles and dye injection are not needed to provide proper
patient assessment.  
Color Duplex Ultrasound is performed
which is known to be the gold standard in diagnosing venous

While instrumentation is clearly important, an even more
necessary ingredient for a successful vascular laboratory is
the staff.  When a patient enters the facility, a competent
receptionist is there to greet you and help you through the
brief registration.